Awareness-creating ‘Karesa concert’ screened among students

Learners of the Pokhara Theater have come up with an awareness-creating drama ‘Karesa Consert’ to impart information about kitchen garden.

The drama has been used as a tool to inform the general public about the features of vegetable items such as pumpkins, onion, tomato, spinach, bitter gourd, ginger, gourd, cucumber and turmeric shoots which are generally produced in the kitchen garden.

Several actors, including Ramesh Babu Timilsina, Anju Dahal, Roshani Ramdham, Dipsama Biswokarma, Anusa Pariyar and Ranju Dahal played different roles in the drama to communicate the importance of particular vegetable items.

Among other actors performing their roles in the play include Namata Dhakal, Purnima Aryal, Soniya Karki Khatry, Rayan Gurung, Rohit Poudel and Dhankaji Shrestha.

A beautiful kitchen garden has been set in the theater. The script written by Kedar Shrestha was directed by Anju Dahal.

Script writer Shrestha said the drama was produced targeting the children. Director Dahal said the drama will be important for the school students to understand about kitchen garden.

As informed the 110-minute drama was screened among the students from different schools of Pokhara through ‘booking show’.

It will be screened targeting general audience through ‘public show’ at Gandharva Stage of Pokhara Theater at 1.00 pm on coming Saturday.



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