Bhojpur declared fully vaccine-assured district

Bhojpur district has been declared a fully vaccine-assured district.

Such an announcement was made on Monday after the children under five years were fully immunized as per the National Vaccination Calendar.

Prior to this, all nine local levels in the district were declared the fully vaccination-assured areas.

Chief of Health Office, Bhojpur, Suman Tiwari said that all children under five in the district have received all 13 types of vaccines being provided from the government for free. “The campaign will remain continue,” according to Tiwari.

With this, Bhojpur has become the fourth district being declared a fully vaccine-assured district in Koshi Province, the Health Office stated.

Coordinator of District Vaccine Coordination Committee and Chief of District Coordination Committee Bhojpur Kamal Thulung had announced the district a fully vaccine-assured.

On the occasion, all nine local levels were appreciated for their efforts to ensure vaccines to the locals there.

The stakeholders have called upon proactive role of all concerned to inoculate the children in the future as well.



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