BPKIHS launches 30-bed dengue ward over soaring cases of dengue fever

The BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan has additionally allotted 30 beds dedicated to the treatment of dengue.

The 30-bed dengue ward came into operation on Sunday. Now Dharan sub-metropolis in Sunsari and adjoining areas are in a grip of dengue fever.

As the number of dengue cases continues to rise in Sunsari and the surrounding areas, the existing medical facilities at BPKIHS, such as the ‘central emergency’ and the ‘dengue clinic,’ are no longer sufficient to handle the situation, according to BPKIHS acting vice-chancellor Prof Dr Prahlad Karki.

In the past two days, the 50-bed ‘observation ward’ has been largely occupied by dengue patients. Eighty-five percent beds in the ward are occupied by the dengue patients. The emergency ward in the hospital received 60-75 dengue cases each day.



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