CM Pandey calls for embarking on path of economic prosperity envisioned by BP

Gandaki Province Chief Minister Surendra Raj Pandey viewed that although the Nepali Congress was walking on the path shown by BP Koirala, it was yet to achieve economic prosperity as envisioned by him.

At a programme organized by Nepali Congress (NC), Baglung district in Kali Temple premises to mark 41st BP Memorial Day today, CM Pandey said that every political party had accepted that BP is not an individual but a thought.

CM Pandey, after participating in a sapling plantation programme, said there were still a lot of works to be done in terms of economic development along with socialism viewpoint of BP.

Pandey, who is also central committee member of NC, urged all the NC cadres and leaders to work from their respective places towards realizing economic prosperity envisioned by BP.

According to him, our country would achieve economy prosperity through promotion of industries, factories and tourism.

He urged NC leaders and cadres to put the ideals and philosophy propounded by BP into practice rather than subscribing to them theoretically.

On the occasion, 41 saplings of Rudraksha were planted in the Temple premises to mark the 41st memorial day of the founding president of the Nepali Congress, said Harihar Sharma, secretary of the NC Baglung district chapter.



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