Communist leader Karmacharya remembered on his 10th memorial day

Today marked the 10th memorial day of Nar Bahadur Karmacharya, one of the founding members of Communist Party of Nepal.

Born on Kattik 14, 1981 BS on the day of Bhaitika to mother Shree Kumari and father Chandra Bahadur at Jhapatole of Lalitpur, Karmacharya had passed away on Saun 9, 2070 BS in the Nepali calendar ( July 24, 2013) at the age of 89.

The Communist Party of Nepal was formed on September 15, 1949 (2006 BS) at Bara Bajar of Kolkata in India under the leadership of Pushpa Lal Shrestha with Karmacharya, Niranjan Govinda Baidhaya and Narayan Bilash Joshi as its founding members.

Throughout his political career, Karmacharya endured multiple imprisonments and exiles due to his activism against the Rana regime and his advocacy for workers’ rights.

To commemorate the 10th death anniversary of Karmacharya, the CPN (Maoist Centre) organized a condolence programme at the party office, Parisdanda today. Karmacharya is remembered as a personality with integrity, simplicity, good social status, and progressive thoughts in the Nepali politics.

During the programme, Maoist senior leaders praised Karmacharya’s dedication and unwavering commitment to the party and its ideologies, citing him as an exemplary political figure.

Party Vice- Chair Krishna Bahadur Mahara remembered Karmacharya as the leader who always prioritised the need of balancing the party’s ideologies with practical aspects.

He was against any potential confrontation that could arise between the party’s ideologies and practical considerations, according to Mahara. “He remained committed to maintaining the party’s integrity and ensuring that its actions always served the best interests of the people.”

Party secretary Leelamani Poudel said the Karmacharya would always highly value the party integrity, party’s policies and directives and ideologies.

The party leaders paid their respects to the late Karmacharya by adorning his portrait with garlands.



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