Cricketers get rewards after 16 months

The members of U-19 women’s national cricket tournament held in Dhangadhi, Kailali in 2078 BS have received the awards announced by the government after 16 months.

A total of 17 persons including players, coach and managers of the team received prize money of Rs 50,000 each. Minister of Social Development and Health Sushila Simkhada, Secretary of the Ministry, Badrinath Adhikari and other officials gave away the award at a function held at the Pokhara Stadium. The program was organized by Provincial Sports Council of Gandaki.

The prize money for the award was deposited in the atheletes personal bank account, said Secretary Adhikari.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Simkhada said that the Gandaki province government is committed to the development of sports including cricket.

Member Secretary of the Sports Council, Sridhar Sharma, said that the council will be organising competitions in different districts in the coming days.



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