Dairy farmers happy with subsidy

Dairy farmers here are enthused after the Myagde rural municipality of Tanahun started providing subsidies based on production to milk producers.

The municipality introduced a policy of giving subsidies based on production with the aim of making the rural municipality self-sufficient in milk production.

Nawaraj Ghimire, a farmer based in ward no 3 of the rural municipality, produced 9,394 liters of milk in the current financial year. The rural municipality gave him a grant of Rs 86,424 at the rate of Rs 9.20 per liter.

Under the milk subsidy program, the municipality has provided Rs.1.498 million to the farmers in the current financial year on the basis of production, Head of Animal Services Unit Dr Binaya Shah said.

Dairy farmers here are affiliated to various cooperatives and groups. In the current fiscal year, Magdi Milk Producers Cooperative also produced and sold 121,868 liters of milk.

In the current financial year, 162,889 liters of milk has been produced from the rural municipality.

Through the milk subsidy program, 55 households of Magde Cooperative, 10 households of Gauseaa Cooperative and 22 households of Sange Charhajar Cooperative have directly benefited.

Chairperson of the rural municipality Shree Prasad Shrestha mentioned that the policy of giving subsidies based on production was introduced to make the village self-sufficient in milk production.



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