Dengue-infected patient detected in Rasuwa

Dengue-infected patient has been found in the northern belt of Rasuwa district. The patient is now undergoing treatment at Dhunche-based district hospital.Hospital’s Medical Superintendent Dr Amit Kumar Shah informed a dengue-infected patient was being treated in the hospital.

The District Hospital has called for the general public to remain alert of mosquito-bite after detection of dengue-infected patient in an altitude of 2,000 meters from the sea level.

With the rise in temperature in mountainous region due to climate change effects, the dengue-carrying mosquitoes which were mostly available in warmer areas have moved up in mountainous areas, it is said.

Medical Superintendent Dr Shah asked general public to remain alert, especially before the sunshine and after the sunset as dengue-carrying mosquitoes are active at the moment.

He also urged the people to keep home surrounding and trail roads clean and level up the potholes soa s to get protected from mosquito.



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