Farmers prized in Dailekh

The Agriculture Development Office has prized farmers for encouraging their dedication to commercial farming in Dailekh.

A total of 50 selected commercial farmers from across the district were facilitated with the cash prize in the district.

Acting Chief of Agriculture Development Office Dasharath Pandey shared that the farmers were prized under the incentive grant programme adding that such honour to the farmers is expected to promote farming and ensure dignity of this occupation.

Pandey stated that four farmers were given Rs 20,000 each and five others received Rs 10,000 each. Likewise, 14 other farmers got Rs 15,000 each.

Acting Chief Pandey shared that the Office has been rewarding the farmers every year to further promote their commercial farming.

Sagar Shahi, a rewarded farmer from Chamunda Bindrasaini-7, said that the prize has offered him further responsibilities and excitements to his occupation.

“The production-based incentive increases dedication towards farming,” he said adding that such programmes are supporting to make farmers self-reliant by increasing agricultural productions.



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