Festivals fostering unity in diversity: Speaker Ghimire

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Devraj Ghimire wished may the Lhosar festivals be celebrated in a less expensive manner in a way to preserve the vanishing tradition.

In a message of best wishes today, Speaker Ghimire wished for happiness, peace, prosperity and good health to all Nepalis at home and abroad on the occasion of the 2151st Gyalpo Lhosar, the New Year of the Himalayan indigenous Sherpa community.

“Nepal is rich in different castes, languages and cultures and each ethnic group has different festivals with its own characteristics,” reads the message.

“Mountains, hills and Terai are made up of varying cultures”, Speaker Ghimire said that the festivals, which have been the center of our faith since time immemorial, have been bringing unity within diversity.

He argued that it is necessary to involve the new generation together while celebrating Nepali festivals, culture and rituals.

“It is necessary to motivate the new generation to transfer originality by preserving and promoting the festivals,” reads the message, adding, “I believe that cultural festivals like Lhosar will help in further strengthening national unity by deepening mutual harmony and tolerance among Nepalis of different ethnicities, languages, cultures and geographical regions.”

The Sherpa community celebrates Gyalpo Lhosar every year by meeting relatives, eating food like Guthuk and Khapse and organizing cultural programmes.



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