Mahakali Irrigation Third Phase: Water released for testing main canal

Water has been released to test the main canal of the Mahakali Irrigation Project’s Third Phase.

The water was released from Tanakpur barrage from Brahmadev in Bhimdutta Municipality to Phuleli Gharkatuwa River in Shuklaphanta Municipality for the testing, said Rana Bahadur Bom, Project Chief.

The testing would be conducted for a week, informed Bom, urging one and all not to leave children and cattle nearby the canal during the period. The main canal from Brahmadev to Phuleli Gharkatuwa River measures 28 kilometres in length.

The Project is a national pride project and the canal from Brahmadev to Bagun River measuring 19 kilometres was tested last year.

According to the Mahakali Treaty signed between Nepal and India, the Indian side ought to build canal from Tanakpur barrage to Nepal’s border land.

A 1,200 metres long canal has been built accordingly, informed Bom, adding that of the 22 branch canals, construction of two has been completed while remaining were under-construction.

Similarly, over Rs 1.17 billion has been allocated for the Project for the upcoming fiscal year 2023/24 while Rs 1.23 billion was allocated for the ongoing fiscal year, said Bom.

Around 33,520 hectares of land is expected to be irrigated under this Project.



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