Normal life affected as floods, landslides damage roads in Bhojpur

The western belt in Bhojpur district has suffered badly as the road networks are damaged from the floods in Raute river and landslides there.

Six road sections there are damaged from the flooding taken place on June 14 and June 23. As the road networks are disrupted, normal life in the area is paralyzed.

Ward Chairman of Temkemaiyung Rural Municipality-9 Navaraj Mangpahang said that the local government has faced challenges to carry out the maintenance of the road as the damages are serious. It is beyond their capacity to repair the roads, he added.

According to Mangpahang, the flood in Raute river caused damages to the properties worth millions of rupees in his ward.

“All roads connecting to the river are damaged. The normal life of the people is seriously affected,” he asked the province and federal government to carry out their interventions.

The flood also washed away 18 irrigation canals and a suspension bridge. A motorable bridge which was under-construction has suffered damages.

Mangpahang said that public transportation is also affected for a month in the district. Several settlements are at risk of and the people have difficulties to transplant paddy as irrigation supplies are destroyed in the flooding.



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