PM Dahal reiterates Government commitment to maintain social unity, harmony

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has commended contribution and courage of the people of Rolpa district for a political change in Nepal.

Responding to queries addressed to him by MPs in today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, he said the government has focused on the development of the district.

The government has prioritised bringing the backward region in terms of development onboard the mainstream. The government has given priorities to social justice, good governance and public service.”

On police investigations into various cases recently, the PM said the government had clearly directed the police administration to freely and impartially investigate cases so the guilty should not escape and innocent must not be booked.

“There is no need to halt investigations when it comes to investigate cases relating to Prime Minister. Put aside my party in this regard,” he said. Those found involved in corruption would face action, he added.

The government is committed to preventing any such activities that would disturb social unity, harmony and social co-existence, the PM said, adding the government would not give exemption in activities that disturb social harmony and go against culture and religion of each others.

While maintaining co-existence of all of us, our national unity will be strengthened through the protection and preservation of our originality thus consolidating our nationality in a true sense, PM Dahal reiterated.



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