RSP Chairperson Lamichhane pledges support to anti-corruption campaign

Rastriya Swantantra Party (RSP)’s Chairperson and parliamentarian Rabi Lamichhane said that his party would stand with the government in its ongoing anti-corruption campaign.

In the emergency meeting of today’s House of Representatives, Lamichhane remarked that the initiatives taken by government to deliver justice to loan shark victims was “positive” and pledged full support to it from his party.

Lamichhane drew the attention of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” to ensure that such a situation where he had to respond on issues concerning national sovereignty and dignity in the parliament would not be repeated.

Similarly, CPN (UML) parliamentarian Gokul Banskota demanded that the PM should respond to the contemporary issues raised in the parliament thereby creating an environment of trust.

He stated that we all should be responsible in promoting sovereignty of the country.
Similarly, Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairperson and parliamentarian Rajendra Lingden echoed with Banskota and demanded the PM clarify to the parliament on the statements given by him.

PM Dahal was responding to the concerns, queries and issues raised by the parliamentarians while writing this news.



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