Upper Sanjen hydropower begins its production

The Simbu Hydropower Centre, constructed by the Sanjen Hydropower Company, has started generating electricity.

The hydropower project which was constructed in the name of Upper Sanjen with the 14.8 MW capacity has started producing energy since August 5. The energy produced from the hydropower project has been connected to the national transmission grid.

According to managing director of Sanjen Hydropower Company, Sunil Kumar Dhungel, the construction of the Upper Sanjen Hydropower Project that had started since 2013 has now begun its production and the produced energy has been sent to the central storage through the national transmission line of the Chilime Hydropower.

Annually 88.5 million unit of energy will be generated with a total income of Rs 400 million per year, Dhungel further informed. The power house is in a altitude of 2,180 meters from the sea level.



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