Women, dalit people’s representatives complain of exclusion in plan formulation at local governments

Women and Dalit people’s representatives in the district have complained that they faced a larger exclusion in course of the drafting of plans and budget allocations at the local levels.

In an interaction programme organised by the Center for Dalit Women Nepal at Diketel bazar of Khotang on Saturday, they alleged the high-handedness on part of male representatives in formulations of plans and the allocations of budget.

Woman ward member of Halesi Tuwachung municipality-7, Diksha Rai, alleged that the ward chair who is a male never sought ‘say’ of women members in plans-making and the budget allocations for the ward.

“The ward chair does not involve woman and Dalit woman members in the formulations and selections of projects and the budget allocations. We are uncertain about the underlying reasons for this exclusion,” she said.

Former ward member of Rawabensi rural municipality-4, Punya Kumari Magar, narrated that during her term at the office she found male people’s representatives at local levels were discriminatory against women members.

Former ward chair of Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi municipality-5, Shashikala Rai, realised that women and Dalit women local representatives had to fight for their rights and seek an equitable contribution to each affairs of the local bodies subsequently.

“We are disassociated in our endeavors for achieving our rights. Combined efforts and actions are needed to achieve an equal status to male counterparts at the local levels.”

She emphasized that “unity is strength and it is necessary to further strengthen voices of women representatives at the local level against all sorts of discriminations and advance towards equity, inclusion and co-existence as envisaged by the Constitution.”

Ten Women and Dalit women members elected from various local levels in the district were present at the programme and they had a same voice over discriminations and exclusions they are facing in terms of their meaningful participations in each business of the local governments. .

The programme was held under the ‘She Leads’ programme of the Center. It aimed to assess the gaps at the local levels towards the advancement of gender equality and social inclusion in the political sphere, it is said.

On the occasion, CPN (Maoist ) Centre Koshi Province Committee leader Tanka Thapa, Janata Samajbadi Party youth leader Anjil Rai and Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Khotang district member Shiva Kumar Bhattarai stressed the need of fully implemntaing the principle of proportional inclusion endorsed by the State.



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