BP’s literary works should be taken to villages: Minister Mahat

Nepali Congress Spokesperson and Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has said the literary works of Jananayak BP Koirala should be taken to villages.

At a programme organised by Nepali Congress Constituency-5 on the occasion of 41st BP Koirala Memorial Day, he mentioned, “BP Koirala produced many literary works at a time when people were not much educated. The young generation could be inspired from BP’s creations had they been printed and taken among people in villages.”

On the trend of a blame game taking place in the party, Finance Minister Mahat expressed the view that such trend could not take the party forward. He further said the party had not been able to bring its good works among the people.

“BP Koirala had imagined an equitable society based on democratic norms and values”, he shared.

Similarly, Nepali Congress Central Committee member Pradeep Poudel said none of the governments so far had been able to do what work the BP Koirala-led government did in 17 months.

Stating that late Koirala had set a goal to establish 6,000 schools and universities during his premiership, he further said it would be true tribute to him if the policy, plan and programmes formulated by the NC could be connected with him.Tree saplings were also planted on the occasion.



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