Campaign launched against dengue fever in Kavre

The District Health Office, Kavre, has started preparedness to control the spread of dengue in the district. The district is at high risk of the dengue fever spread.

Chief of District Health Office Dr Purushottam Sedhain said that the stakeholders are asked to destroy the possible breeding sites of mosquitoes and regularly clean up the factories.The Office is working in close collaboration with the District Disaster Management Committee.

Likewise, clinical and laboratory works are also being cared out to reduce the risk of dengue spread in the district.

Similarly, the local levels, schools and community level health institutions have been asked to take measures against the dengue.

Furthermore, the awareness raising materials from the National Health Education of the Division of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases Control have been shared to all local levels in the district through different mediums, Dr Sedhain said.

Kavre district had first recorded the dengue in April.According to Dr Sedhain, so far, 680 individuals are infected with the dengue fever in this season adding that Banepa Municipality has the highest number of cases with 487 ones.



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