DPM Shrestha assures of improved security mechanism

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, has pledged to bring all individuals found involved in crime to justice.

During a press conference organized by the Press Centre Nepal in Gorkha today, the Home Minister said the police was acting seriously to enhance security measures and curb the crime. “We are committed to ensure that all the perpetrators, regardless of their positions, face the consequences for their actions.”

He took time to say that the police was meticulously investigating the latest case of gold smuggling via Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

The Deputy Prime Minister said,” The government is committed to establishing a solid foundation prosperity so that the citizens could feel a real change in their lives.” He added that the government’s latest action against corruption had instilled hope among the public for the establishment of a stronger rule of law.

The Minister said the government was focused on addressing some specific issues in economy, highlighting the need of taking a stride in the nation’s development by accelerating economic activities.



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