Janakpur-Jainagar railway extended to Bijalpura

The train service in operation from Jainagar in India to Janakpurdham, Nepal is going to be expanded to Bijalpura in Mahottari.

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Prakash Jwala will launch the extension service on Sunday.

The train service currently being provided in a 35 km stretch from Jayanagar to Janakpurdham and Kurtha will increase to 52 km.

The train service is operating regularly for the past 15 months.After the completion of the second phase of physical infrastructure expansion, the train service is going to be extended to Bijalpura, said the general manager of Nepal Railway Company, Niranjan Jha.

However, due to the dispute over land compensation the construction of the third phase railway infrastructure from Bijalpura to Bardibas has been stopped. The broad gauge two-set train was put into operation on April 2, 2022.



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