Kagbeni flood causes losses of over Rs 1 billion

The flood in Kagbeni of Mustang on 13 August, 2023 has caused a loss of millions of rupees, according to data prepared by the disaster management committee, Baragung Muktikshetra Rural Municipality.

Around 1 billion worth of properties were damaged in the flood that destroyed many private houses, government and non-governmental buildings, business houses and other structures, the data shows. The disaster also destroyed crops and fruit farming in the area.

Apple farming grown in over 11 ropanis of land has been destroyed by the flood, said Lokendra Singh Dhami, agriculture section chief at the Rural Municipality.

Around 170 apple saplings have been damaged in the flood, he added. The flood has displaced dozens of local people.

After being displaced, some of the flood victims are taking shelter in their families’ houses while others are taking refuse in school buildings. Without relief, they are finding it difficult to manage meals, they said.



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