Minister Rijal asks local levels to remove double taxation

Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supply, Ramesh Rijal, has urged the local levels of Bara and Parsa districts to scrap tax imposed on raw materials in the name of scrap tax.

Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of 6th Establishment Day of Jitpursimara Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Jitpur of Simara on Saturday, Minister Rijal warned that the federal government would take necessary step if the local levels do not remove scrap tax.

He mentioned that although industrialists and entrepreneurs pay income tax from their income, the local levels collect double tax even by levying integrated property tax, urging the local levels to withdraw decision of imposing double tax.

Minister Rijal shared, “The government has set a plan to run ruined industries with partnership of private sector and attracting entrepreneurs at special economic zone by providing the land on rent in an affordable price.

He further said that the land could be provided free of cost to establish export-oriented industries.

Similarly, President of Birjung Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Anil Kumar Agrawal, President of Nepal India Cooperation Forum, Ashok Das, Central Committee member of Federation of Nepali Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Dr Subodh Kumar Gupta, FNCCI Madhes Province President, Ashok Tamata, among others talked about the problems facing by industries in the programme chaired by Jitpursimara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mohan Sharma Lamichhane.



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