Bardaghat municipality to provide free health treatment for disabled

Bardaghat municipality of Nawalparasi (Bardaghat-Susta east) is to provide free health treatment services to persons with disability residing in the municipality.

Mayor Shambu Lal Shrestha said arrangement for free health treatment services has been made at two community hospitals inside the municipality.

He shared, “We have launched free health treatment services for the facility of persons with disability in their treatment. I believe the disabled persons would be benefitted from it.”

Similarly, Chief of Health Section of the Municipality, Madhav Gyawali, mentioned that all health treatment services available at the two would be provided free of cost as well as discount would also be provided in ambulance service if persons with disability have to visit other hospital for further treatment.

This facility has been implemented from the beginning of the current fiscal year 2080/81, he added.

Chairperson of Community and Disability Service Centre, Ramesh Shrestha, welcomed such decision of the Municipality, saying it would provide relief to persons with disability in some extent.

Specially, those disabled persons not getting blue and white identity cards would be benefitted from it, shared Shrestha. Out of 779 persons with disability in the municipality, only 489 people have disability identity cards.



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