Lumpy skin disease goes out of control in Baitadi

Rapid spread of lumpy skin disease has taken a heavy toll on livestock in Baitadi district.

The officials at Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Centra, Patan, said that the disease on animal has gone out of control in the district adding that there is no availability of vaccine so far.

Livestock Development Officer at the Centre, Dr Bishal Pathak, said more than 64,000 domestic animals have been infected from lumpy skin and 9,200 plus animals have already died of the infection.

“The cases of lumpy skin infection has increased every day but the district lacks vaccines. We have written to the federal and province governments requesting vaccines,” Dr Pathak said.

It is said that the disease has spread to all 84 wards in the district and has taken the form of epidemic though the mountainous area is less impacted.

Lumpy skin is a contagious virus disease transmitted to cattle by flies, mosquitoes or ticks. The cattle with the disease develop symptoms such as high fever, loss of appetite, reduced milk output and enlarged lymph nodes which can also lead to death.

It is said that 1-3 percent of infected animal might die due to the disease and the mortality rate can go up for lack of necessary care and primary aid.

The disease was first reported in Nepal in July 2020. In the first two years after the detection of contagious disease, as many as 13 out of 3,301 infected cattle of 16 districts died due in Nepal.



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