Bhanubhakta has made special contribution to promotion of cultural unity: DPM Shrestha

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister, Narayan Kaji Shrestha has said Aadikabi (Pioneer Poet) Bhanubhakta Acharya has made a distinctive contribution to the promotion of Nepal’s cultural unity and the development of the Nepali language.

Addressing a programme organised by the Bhanu Foundation, commemorating the 210th birth anniversary of the Aadikabi here today, the DPM said Bhanubhakta has played a significant role in establishing the Nepali language at each household promoting it as the lingua franca. Nepal Academy supported the programme.

“Bhanubhakta promoted Nepal’s cultural unity. Not only the Nepalis, all the foreign nationals of Nepali origin also celebrate the Bhanu Jayanti (the birth anniversary of Bhanubhakta). A kind of relation, ties and a sense of unity comes up by remembering Bhanu. The contribution of Bhanu is memorable for cultural unity,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha said inspiration can be drawn from Bhanubhakta as well for promoting Nepal’s national unity by protecting its autonomy.

Stating that Bhanubhakta raised voice in favour of the meaningfulness of life and justice, DPM Shrestha said the ‘national icon’ had contributed to inspiring all to comprehend the meaning of life and to play a role in favour of justice.

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Sudan Kirati said that Bhanubhakta has made a revolutionary contribution to national unification by means of language. According to him, the Aadikavi has made incomparable contribution to promoting the Nepali language as the lingua franca.

Various literary persons and organisations were honoured on the occasion in recognition to their work in enrichment of Nepali language and literature.



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