‘Demanding resignation without opportunity for clarification not appropriate’

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that it was inappropriate to raise questions about his public statement without sparing him a chance to clarify about it.

Dahal asserted that raising unnecessary questions at a time when the government was taking effective measures on the matters of public concerns was not appropriate

PM Dahal viewed that although he tried to clarify the parliament regarding the questions raised about him, he did not get that opportunity due to parliament obstruction.

Addressing today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, he mentioned that demanding his resignation without giving opportunity to clarify the parliament was against parliamentary norms.

Reassuring that the government would weed out corruption from its root, the Head of the Government called for cooperation from all quarters towards this end.

“The government would neither protect nor exempt those involved in corruption and those who try to protect those involved in corruption,” warned the PM.

According to him, he was clear that the ruling parties and opposition should come on board on national issues and agenda and said we should all move hand-in-hand to protect and promote democracy.

He shared that he had continuously held important discussions with leaders from the ruling parties as well as major oppositions regarding carrying out the remaining works of peace process.

The Prime Minister clarified that the government was no way in favor of protecting and exempting those involved in corruption.

He asserted that the government had prioritized ensuring good-governance, protecting democracy and constitution and completing the peace process in addition to delivering public services conveniently to the public.

About loan shark victims, Dahal responded that he himself had questioned about the delay on the matters relating to addressing the concerns of the loan shark victims.

The Prime Minister further said he had been undergoing self-assessment and evaluation regarding his shortcomings since the peace process started.

“I have been admitting my mistakes. I did not speak as the Prime Minister on that day, but as the father of a daughter, not as PM”, he shared.

PM Dahal clarified that he had never compromised on country’s sovereignty and integrity and would not do it either, adding he has always favoured cooperation and collaboration on serious national issues.



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