CPN (Maoist Centre) will be established as people’s party: PM Dahal

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the CPN (Maoist Centre) would be established as the people’s party at any cost.

Addressing the second municipal-level conference of Young Communist League at Vachchek of Ajirkot rural municipality in Gorkha district today, he mentioned that the three-month transformation campaign started by the CPN (Maoist Centre) would establish the party as the people’s party.

“We will again establish the Maoist Centre among the people and develop it as the only party taking the responsibility of the nation. We have taken objective of synthesizing the ideas and gaining power”, he shared.

Stating that he got responsibility to lead the country amidst many ups and downs after winning the election from Gorkha, Prime Minister Dahal viewed that the incumbent government has started good governance by providing direct relief to the people.

He further said that the government has started new changes by launching anti-corruption campaign, social security fund as well as resolving problems seen in passport and transport sectors, stating that the people are happy with the anti-corruption campaign.

PM Dahal expressed that the government has moved ahead keeping good governance and prosperity in priority, adding this campaign launched by the government would not be stopped.

He shared that discussion would be held on Nepal’s development and opening check points at the northern borders during his upcoming China visit.



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