Lumpy skin kills 381 animals in Ramechhap

As high as 381 livestock died on lumpy skin disease in Ramechhap district while the number of infected ones reached 21,000 plus.

So far, 75 animals died in Ramechhap Municipality, 40 in Manthali Municipality, 15 in Gokulganga Rural Municipality and five in Khandadevi Rural Municipality, as shared by the livestock service section of the concerned local levels.

Likewise, 150 animals died in Likhu Tamakoshi Rural Municipality, 36 ones died in Sunapati and 40 others succumbed to the lumpy skin in Umakunda Rural Municipality.

However, the data from Doramba Sailung Rural Municipality about the outbreak of lumpy skin disease is not confirmed yet.

We are preparing to collect data from the rural municipality, Chief of Livestock Service Section of Doramba Sailung Rajendra Dhungel said.

Meanwhile, the National Farmers Network (NFN) has demanded the announcement of the pandemic of lumpy skin disease in the country.

The Network has called for controlling the disease at the earliest, and providing compensation to the farmers.



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