Highway blocked in Dang after 2 people died in a bus collision

Following the deaths of two individuals in a bus collision in Rajpur, Dang Deukhuri, locals have blocked the east-west highway.

Demanding relief for the affected families and action against the guilty, locals have blocked the highway at Lamahi Municipality-8, Jharechok.

Locals, armed with sticks, demonstrated on the road and threw tyres onto it. Due to the local blockade, vehicles are unable to operate.

Police have been deployed in an attempt to open the highway. However, there is opposition even to the number of police presence by the locals.

On Saturday evening, between Jangraha and Nausara under Rajpur Rural Municipality Ward-5, near Korea Khola Bridge, a bus with registration number Ra 1 Kha 2360 and a motorcycle with registration number Ra 7 Pa 207 were involved in a collision, resulting in the deaths of 24-year-old Pramod Yadav and 24-year-old Pradip Yadav, residents of Nausara, Rajpur Rural Municipality-5, on the motorcycle.

Despite the incident on the highway, when the news reached Gadhawa Chowki, locals decided to block the east-west highway. The bus driver has been taken under control by the police.



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