117 wild animals die in CNP in a year

At least 117 wild animals were found dead in Chitwan National Park in the last fiscal year. Different 17 types of wildlife were found dead in the national park and Madhyawarti community forest.

Information Officer at CNP, Ganesh Prasad Tiwari shared majority of the wildlife was found dead due to natural reasons.

As many as 80 animals died due to natural cause while 26 animals died after dog bite. In the period, 55 spotted deer, 22 one-horned rhino, nine ghariyal crocodile, seven antelope and three tigers, Gaurigai and wild buffalo each were found dead in and around the area.

Likewise, elephants, two wild boar, magar crocodile, ratuwa, porcupine, jackal, dhanesh, laguna and leopard were also found in the area, he informed. According to the CNP data, a total of 142 wild animals were rescued during the period.



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