MoFAGA issues circular, urging govt offices to complete O&M by mid-December

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) has issued a circular to all ministries, commissions, secretariats, and government agencies, directing them to complete their Organisational and Management survey (O&M) by the mid of December this year.

This directive follows a ministerial-level decision made on July 14.In accordance with the circular, the Ministry has instructed all relevant organizations to conduct the survey in compliance with the Civil Service Act- 1993, Civil Service Rules-1993, Organisation and Management Survey Directives of 2066 BS, and the Brief Working Procedure Organization Structure and Quota Review of 2076 BS.

The budget for the current fiscal year, 2023-24, emphasizes the urgency of conducting the O&M survey and mandates the respective ministries and bodies to conclude it by the mid of December this year.

Furthermore, the budget stipulates that no new organizational structures or quotas shall be created during this fiscal year, promising to make existing structure and quotas smart and efficient by the review of the existing structure and quota.



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