Nearly 2000 absconding convicts arrested

The District Police Range Kathmandu has arrested 1,995 convicts in different dates.In the fiscal year 2079/80 BS, the Kathmandu Police arrested 1,995 absconding individuals who were sentenced imprisonment and punishment for being involved in different criminal activities.

Spokesperson of the District Police Range Kathmandu, Superintendent of Police (SP) Sitaram Rijal informed that the police arrested absconding 1,995 convicts and handed them over to the courts for the execution of judicial decisions.

The court had slapped those arrested with imprisonment of up to 176 years, seven months and 30 days. Nepal Police claimed jail sentence along with over Rs 128.79 million from them, spokesperson Rijal added.

Likewise, as many as 23,590 individuals who have been on the run after being convicted of crime by the courts in different dates are yet to be arrested, the Kathmandu Police informed.



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