Nepal Literature Festival kicks off in Pokhara

The 11th edition of the Nepal Literature Festival kicked off on Thursday in Pokhara. The five-day-long festival was chaired by the chief minister of Gandaki Province, Surendra Raj Pandey.

During the inauguration of the festival, Chief Minister Pandey said that the festival had become Pokhara’s identity and that it had promoted both domestic and international tourism in Pokhara.

“The sessions that are conducted in the festival have attracted intellectual community from all across the country,” said Pandey.

While delivering the speech at the event, Pandey also portrayed the importance of literature as a form of expression during the Rana and Panchayat regimes.

Similarly, Niraj Bhari, chief executive officer of Nepal Literature Festival, said that the festival is trying to remedy various crises that people have to go through in their lives.

Former chief justice Kalyan Shrestha conducted scholarly discourse during the inauguration of the festival.

The first day of the event featured a book launch of veteran cartoonist Durga Baral, alias Batsyayana entitled Batsyayana and his Barbs Volume 2.

His works are on display titled Batsyayana’s cartoon. Similarly, there will also be a photo exhibition of Suzana Shrish entitled Gurkha Women. There will also be a musical poetry session of Kumar Nagarkoti featuring Kutumba.

This year’s Nepal Literature Festival will feature over 50 sessions, more than five musical sessions and 15 stalls.



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