PM Dahal’s directive to speed up Federal Parliament Building construction

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has directed the bodies concerned to conclude the construction of the Federal Parliament Building quickly so that the Parliament’s Winter Session could be held there.

The PM issued this directive in course of observing the under-construction Building inside the Singha Durbar premises today.

On the occasion, he expressed his pleasure over the construction works of the Building picking up speed in the recent days, urging the bodies concerned to create an environment for completing the building construction before the Winter Session of the parliament further expediting the construction works.

Stating it was regretful feeling to run the business of the Federal Parliament, the supreme body of the people’s representatives, from a rented building, the Prime Minister expressed thankfulness to all those involved in the construction works of the Building as the construction works have speeded up after the formation of the new government under his leadership.

He also thanked Minister for Urban Development Sita Gurung for making arrangements for addressing issues, if any, regarding the construction within three days.

PM Dahal also directed the Minister, government officials including the Secretary and the construction entrepreneurs to have the required consultations on how the construction works can be further speeded up.

On the occasion, the PM made an on-site inspection of all the 12 blocks under construction. He also recalled observing the site where the Nepal Drugs Limited is situated for the purpose of constructing the Parliament Building before this.

The PM viewed that the Building being constructed now is well-equipped and has the required facilities and hence it will help make the works and activities of the Parliament more efficient.

The structure of the Building has been constructed and only finishing and roofing works remain, it is said. The Head of the Government urged to carry out the remaining works at a war footing. He added that he was ready to provide the necessary support and facilitate in the works from his side.

On the occasion, Urban Development Minister Gurung briefed the Prime Minister about the latest status of the construction of the Federal Parliament Building.

Secretary at the Ministry of Urban Development Rabindra Nath Shrestha and representatives of the construction company were also present on the occasion.



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