Thapa the new Chief Minister of Koshi

Nepali Congress leader Uddhav Thapa has been appointed the new Chief Minister of Koshi Province.

Chief Minister of the Province Parshuram Khapung, appointed Thapa as the Chief Minister today, in accordance to sub-section (2) of Article 168 of the Constitution.

The newly appointed Chief Minister is scheduled to take oath of office tomorrow at 9: am.
Earlier, Parliamentary party leader of Nepali Congress in Koshi Province, Thapa claimed a stake for the post of Chief Minister of the province.

Thapa proposed his claim before Province Chief Khapung at 4:52 pm today. Thapa has claimed that he would garner votes in his favour from his party lawmakers, 29; from Maoist Centre, 12; CPN (Unified Socialist), 4; Janata Samajbadi, 1; and one from Speaker Baburam Gautam.



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