RSP keeps people in centre: Chair Lamichhane

Chairman of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) Rabi Lamichhane has said his party would work for people by keeping their agenda in centre.

Addressing the Tarakeshwor municipal gathering of the party, Chairman Lamichhane viewed his party and leaders were always ready to respond to people’s queries.

“We’re clear on Nepali people’s agenda. We work as per people’s mandate,” he reminded, adding that his party would participate in the 2084BS general election without forging alliance with anyone.

He further said, “RSP is devoted to secure victory in the coming general election. We have firm stand in parliament and presenting our views firmly.” The Chairman was of the view that his party was true to word. Continuous vigilance is put in place against corruption, Lamichhane asserted.

On the occasion, central member of RSP and lawmaker Ganesh Parajuli also seconded the Chairman that RSP would fulfill the mandate given by the people.

Similarly, former minister and party leader Sishir Khanal claimed that his party would have resounding victory in the coming general election.



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