90 per cent transplantation completed in Baitadi

The work of transplantation of paddy in Baitadi is coming towards an end.

So far 90 per cent of the paddy transplantation has been completed. Although the transplantation was completed before the monsoon rains in areas with irrigation facilities, planting of paddy saplings is currently being carried out in other areas following the rains, said Chief of Agricultural Knowledge Center Baitadi, Ghanshyam Chaudhary. The transplantation will be completed by next week.

The best time for transplantation of paddy is considered to be from early June to mid-July. Bir Singh Bista, a farmer of Srikot in Dogadakedar-3, said good rainfall has made it easier to transplant paddy this year.

Various regions of Patan municipality, Dilashaini Rural Municipality, Sigas Rural Municipality and Dasharathchand Municipality are regarded as pocket areas for paddy cultivation in the district. Paddy cultivated in an area of 9,000 hectares in Baitadi.



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