Balayar asserts winter session of parliament to focus on lawmaking job

House of Representatives (HoR) lawmaker Bir Bahadur Balayar has said the current session of the Federal Parliament will focus on its key role – making laws.

In a tete a tete for RSS Dialogue with Lawmaker segment, he said the main responsibility of the parliament is making laws and keeping a watch on the government’s working.

At the same time, ensuring the citizens’ rights enshrined in the constitution through legislation is another key responsibility of the parliament.

In this respect the winter session of the Federal Parliament will be totally focussed on making the important laws.

Efforts are being made to finalize bills related to the peace process and transitional justice as the Bill on Truth and Reconciliation and on the Enforced Disappeared Persons, which is keenly watched by the international community.

Wider consensus is required for passing this Bill as it has to be concluded in accordance with the letter and spirit of the democratic system and the Comprehensive Peace Accord.

Our emphasis is also on passing other important bills like the Federal Civil Service Bill and the Bill on Adjustment of Province Police etc from the current parliament session itself.

The lawmaker from Kailali parliamentary constituency-4 stressed on the need of reaching the rights guaranteed by the constitution to the people at the grassroots level in remote areas and the marginalized and underprivileged should get the benefit of federalism.

The parliament and the parliamentary committees are carrying out works with this objective in mind, he added.

According to him, the main responsibility of a lawmaker is to make laws and not get diverted to implementing infrastructure projects. The lawmakers should internalize this notion and the political parties too should educate the voters accordingly.

The parliamentarians should be responsible and accountable to the parliament and the parliamentary committees.

On the issue of growing corruption, Balayar opined that the questions being raised on this topic are both true and exaggerated as well.

But the main thing is that the government and the person leading it should be honest and responsible to corruption control. Only paying lip-service for good governance is not enough, this should be reflected in the government’s works, activities and outcome.

At the same time the narrative that nothing positive has happened in the country is also flawed. A lot of progress has been achieved in the infrastructure development, health, transport, education, information technology and other sectors.

Leader Balayar charged that only those people who have no regret leaving the country and forsaking their Nepali citizenship, those who lack respect and dedication towards the nation are spreading this sort of despondency in the country.

He, however, underscored on creating job opportunities at home and a conducive environment for business to stop the exodus of Nepali youths abroad, calling on the government and political parties to take this issue with utmost seriousness.

In his view, it is the political leadership that should find a way out from the myriad of problems the nation at present. However, he said patience is required for this.

The political leadership should urgently take measures to remove the sense of despondency seen among the people and steer the country ahead towards the path of prosperity with a renewed hope.



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