Concrete bridge constructed over Biring river

An RCC bridge has been constructed over the Biring river under the Hulaki (Postal) highway. It is completed 12 years after the contract for the same was signed.

The bridge has been opened for traffic following its completion, said Pramod Khatiwada, Engineer at the Hulaki Highway Project Office, Itahari. According to him, for now only light vehicles can use the bridge as the flooded river has washed away the ‘diversion’ at the construction site.

People in the southern region of the district have been benefited with the operation of the bridge which is 324 metres long and seven metres wide.

Khatiwada, the engineer, said the bridge construction should have been completed and come into operation by March 26, 2015, but was delayed due to the negligence of the Lama Mainachuli JV, the construction company. The contract for the construction of the bridge was awarded to it on July 15, 2011.

He said the bridge was constructed at a cost of Rs 155 million 58 thousand including VAT. Out of eight bridges to be constructed under the Hulaki Highway, construction of bridge over the Kankai and Ratuwakhola remain to be completed.

Forty-eight kilometres of this highway lying in Jhapa district has already been constructed. The highway runs from eastern border to the western border of the country. It is 1,600 metres long.



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