Country imports millet worth Rs 510 million from India

As the youths are leaving abroad for foreign jobs and the land plots in the rural areas are left barren, the country has imported millet worth Rs 513 million in the last fiscal year from India.

In the fiscal year 2079/80 BS, millet import reached Rs 513 million from Kakadbhitta customs point.

According to Information Officer at Plant Quarantine Office in Kakadbhitta Chandra Kishor Thakur, a total of 16,035 metric tonnes of millet was imported from Kakadbhitta customs point.

Likewise, pumpkin worth Rs 57.7 million was imported from India in the last fiscal year from Kakadbhitta customs point, according to Thakur.

Similarly, chilly worth almost Rs 200 million was imported from Kakadbhitta customs point in the fiscal year 2079/80 BS, Thakur said.

Thakur said that fruits and vegetables including onion, tomato, long guard, yam, watermelon, ginger and others worth billions were imported during the time from India.

However, the local producers in the eastern districts have complained of limited market for the domestic produces due to unrestricted imports of vegetables and fruits from India and other countries.



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