Handicraft becoming lucrative business for women in Dang

Ghorahi (Dang), April 17: Local women have been earning up high income by involving them in different professions and business.

They have been successful in generating attractive income by manufacturing various handicrafts related materials.

Sarita Chaudhary, a local of Lamahi municipality-5, shared it has become easier to manage household expenses and make regular savings once engaged with handicraft manufacturing.

Chaudhary has been doing business by establishing ‘my handicraft industry’ related to handicrafts. She claimed she was also preserving art and culture being involved in such work.

it has become a source of income for women like her. Chaudhary, who has been earning by producing handicraft items, said, “I have earned up income from the utilization of the handicraft skills that are disappearing”.

According to her, the consumption of handicraft items related to the Tharu community is good. I earn up monthly Rs 15,000-20,000.

She said that due to lack of handicraft business, he had to stay relaxed after completing the housework, but after starting the work, there is no leisure lately.

Like Sarita, Sunita Chaudhary has also been involved in handicraft production and earned up good chunk of income.

Sumitra, who learned skills three years ago and started producing handicraft materials, said she has been earning up to Rs 20,000 a month. She shared she used to make materials and sell them during his spare time after doing household chores.

“It does not take much time as we have to produce handicraft items along with household chores,” she further said.

Women who are engaged in the production of materials earn up to Rs 30,000 a month, it was shared.



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