Computer engineer opens teashop, says, ‘No regret at all’

Artificial intelligence, cyber security, automation and similar other jargons saddle our mind when we come to hear about one’s study of computer technology.

It further results into the expectation of jobs in an IT company or the similar firm. But it is not always the case for everyone who graduates IT.

Yes, a graduate in computer technology began a teashop, which has taken everyone by surprise here.

Rajesh Karna from Devichok of Janakpurdham sub-metropolis -10 in Dhanusha district is currently trying his hands to weigh glass of water and milk, and ascertain pint of sugar, but if his life had gone normal, he used to dance his fingers on computer keyboards.

For the winter sip, preparation of tasty, scalded tea is his daily life. He shared that he had expected a job in the similar field he studied, but he said, “I’ve no regrets at all. Dream and destiny are different.”

Karna explained why he began teashop- he had to return home immediately after he joined a lucrative job with his graduation in India due to ailing mother at home. She suffered from throat cancer. He had no option but to take her to better health facility in India, but in vain.

Rajesh who had passed SLC securing first division in 2066BS from a private school of Janakpurdham did his Plus Two and Bachelor from Indian educational institutes.

It is the University of Emerging Science and Technology, Baddi, Himanchal Pradesh from where he did Bachelor in Computer Engineering.

With graduation, he was recommended by the University itself for a job at a company in Chandigarh.

He worked there for three months. But, his fate took a wrong side that he was informed about mother’s severe sickness, promoting him to quit the job and care for mother.

“I spent Rs 2.5 to 3 million for the treatment of mother at AIIMS, New Delhi. Almost a year passed in the hospital,” he shared.

The misfortune continued- even the father dies amidst family blight. He could not work for the offices which offered hefty salary, leaving aside family disorder.

“In the beginning, it was displeasing. But, I’m getting accustomed gradually,” he shared, picking tea glasses. “I used to believe in science but now in providence.”

Karna turns speechless after explaining how the situation was when he was at loss –sheer uncertainty caused by trauma.

He could not stay idle either- with no income. He tried for the job abroad and even got through different phases of selection for a job relating to cyber security in Dubai.

As he had to undergo blood test during health checkup to prepare for further process as part of foreign job, he faced another setback- his blood was infected. Karna is currently taking medicine.

A person from middle class family, he earned his Plus Two degree at his own investment, while BTech on scholarship.

Not only Rajesh but his elder brother has achieved university education, MTech in biology from India and PhD from China. The brother is also in stress and trying to normalize life.

“I began a teashop after taking loan of Rs 100 thousand. It the result of family trauma, learning and destiny, ” he said, hoping relief and normalcy in life. Karna is going to name the teashop an ‘engineer’s café.’



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