First National women’s hockey tournament from today

The Madan Bhandari First National Women’s Hockey Tournament kicks off today at Kshireshwarnath Municipality, Ward No. 5 of Dhanusha.

The tournament is being held at the Chhireshwar Janata Higher Secondary School playground in Mahendranagar. The tournament is organized by Madan Bhandari Sports Academy.

Teams from six provinces baring Karnali, the Nepali Army and the organizer Madan Bhandari Club are taking part in the tournament. A total 144 hockey players from the eight teams are participating in the event that will run until March 2.

The team coming out first will win a cash prize of 150,000 while the second and third will walk home with Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 50,000 respectively, according to president of the academy, Dhruva Acharya.

Similarly, the best player will be awarded Rs 10,000 while player-of-the-match will be awarded Rs 5,000 in cash.



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