Dhauliganga Hydro project’s dam to be opened: People residing in Mahakali riverside asked to adopt cautions

The District Administration Office, Baitadi, has urged people residing in the Mahakali riverside to adopt caution citing that water level in Mahakali river might increase as dam of Dhauliganga hydroelectric project at Tapoban Dharchula, India is being opened.

Issuing a notice, Chief District Officer of Baitadi, Suresh Panthi, shared that locals residing in the vicinity of Mahakali River have been urged to adopt caution as information was received from Dhauliganga Power Station that the sluice gates of the dam would be opened at any time because water flow in the project reservoir was increasing day by day due to rainfall.

He requested the citizens of Mahakali riverside to remain alert for the possibility of increasing water level in the Mahakali River, which follows towards India from Darchula via Baitadi, Dadeldhura and Kanchanpur districts.

The dam of the Dhauliganga hydroelectric project is opened every year during monsoon. More than 100 houses in Darchula were swept away and property worth billions of rupees damaged when the dam was opened without early warning on June 16 and 17, 2013.



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