Farmers in Solu happy with snowfall

The farmers of Solukhumbu are happy with the rain coupled with snowfall.

The district had being suffering from drought for a long time and the rain with snowfall on Thursday brought cheers to the face of the farmers. The wheat crop is likely to benefit while farmers can now plant other food crops.

Lhakpa Sherpa, a farmer of Salleri, said that the land was dry due to lack of winter rain but rain and snowfall though late has provided some relief.

Likewise, Keshav Prasad Koirala of Panchan said that the crops were drying up and the land turning into a desert. “Yesterday’s rain brought happiness to the farmers through it did not rain enough to soak the land,” he said. Farmers now hope that the crops that have dried up due to drought will flourish due to the rain.

Meanwhile, tourists who reached the Everest region are also happy after the snowfall. Dati Sherpa of Lukla said that Khumbu region is finally looking like Khumbu in real.

We are happy and the tourists too also enjoying the snow, along with mountains are covered with snow visible from Lukla.



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