Government moving ahead firmly on side of good governance: Minister Sharma

Minister for Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma asserted that the incumbent government is moving ahead with determination in favour of good governance.

Inaugurating ‘Tech-X 2023’ organized by the Softwarica College here today, Minister Sharma, who is also the government spokesperson, said the government has launched a campaign against corruption.

According to the Minister, the government is moving ahead with the goal of giving a positive message among the general public and the youths by carrying out some good works.

She underscored on the right use of the information and technology for addressing the problems seen at present as well as for handling any problematic situations that might arise in the coming days.

“The world has already advanced in the development of information and technology. This is the only sector that has seen quantum progress in the recent period,” the Communication and Information Technology Minister said, adding that compared to other sectors Nepal has also made notable progress in the ICT sector in recent decade and realizing its need the government has increased the use of ICT in various sectors.

She said the information technology has significantly impacted the many aspects of human life.

Noting that the budget brought by the government for the current fiscal year has already put into implementation, the Minister stated one percent budget of the total capital expenditure would be spent in research and innovation.

The use of information technology, she said, has been increased in the agriculture, tourism, health, education and infrastructure, among various sectors by means of the Digital Nepal Framework programme implemented since 2076 BS. Minister Sharma added that the government has devised plan to attract workforce skilled in information technology in the government service.

She shared on the occasion that reparations are being made to have separate IT Group in the Federal Civil Service Act, saying the government had a clear goal of making the youths committed to serving the country by encouraging their entry in the government service and of creating employment opportunities within the country itself.

Talking of the increasing challenges of cyber security and data security in recent days, the Communication and Information Technology Minister reiterated that the government was committed to ensuring cyber security. She also stressed on linking all sectors with information technology.

She also informed that the Ministry has prepared the cyber security policy and forwarded it to the Council of Ministers for its approval.



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