PM Dahal insists on focusing on scientific agricultural production

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has advised Agriculture and Forestry University to focus on scientific agricultural production based on research and the applications of innovative methods.

In his address to the 11th General Assembly of the University today, Prime Minister urged the University to prioritize research, innovation, and skilled human resource development.

He highlighted the need to promote agriculture and forestry through the application of research findings and innovative techniques.

Recalling the historic background demanding the need to establish the University in 2067 BS with the objective of promoting advanced studies, research and the technology utilisation in agriculture, livestock development, pisciculture, and forestry, the Prime Minister pledged to ensure continuous support to it from the government-level.

As per the mission of reaching across the country with constituent colleges, the University has already operated eight colleges under the Faculty of Agriculture, one under the Faculty of Forestry and two agricultural science centers are operational in various provinces.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister said the second 10-year strategic plan aims to facilitate the University meets its goals and mission is in the implementation phase, urging the University to focus on the effectiveness and quality operation of the existing programmes and further expansion of research centers.

The Prime Minister pressed an idea of pursuing self-sufficiency on agriculture and production with the utilization of available advanced technology in production system and proper use of domestic production.

He congratulated to all those agro-scientists contributing to the respective filed amidst the availability of limited resources.

The Prime Minister drew the University’s attention towards the need to limit its arrears scale and sort out it.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Ashok Rai was also present on the occasion.



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