Govt. cannot ignore issues raised in parliament: Chief Whip Bartaula

Chief Whip of the CPN (UML), Mahesh Bartaula, has said the government could not become irresponsible by ignoring the issues raised in the parliament.

Accusing the government as the main cause behind the parliament obstruction, he mentioned that it was responsibility and duty of the government to resume the parliament proceedings.

At a press meet organised by Press Chautari Nepal, Rupandehi, at Butwal today, Bartaula blamed the government and ruling coalition for spreading illusion, saying the main opposition party obstructed the parliament when the people’s representatives put forth their demand.

The parliament was obstructed after the government moved ahead against constitution and parliamentary norms and values, added the Chief Whip.

He stressed, “The government should be responsible to end the parliament obstruction. The UML demands the government to open all files of financial irregularities and carryout imperative investigation.”

The UML has been obstructing the parliament demanding formation of a high-level probe committee in the recent gold scam, mentioned Chief Whip Bartaula.



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