Karnali government’s budget passed with a majority

The budget estimates of the Karnali province government for the new financial year 2080/81 BS has been passed by a majority of the Karnali province assembly.

Following the discussion on the ministerial and institutional headings of the province government that started on July 2, Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma answered the questions and queries raised by the members of the assembly in the 25th meeting held today under the second session of the provincial assembly.

After Chief Minister Sharma’s response, Speaker Nanda Gurung gave time to Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Bedaraj Singh to propose before the assembly the passage of the ‘Karnali Province Appropriation Bill, 2080’ BS and the ‘Karnali Province Economic Bill, 2080’ BS.

After the proposal, Speaker Gurung announced that the budget was passed by the majority of the assembly. The Karnali government has tabled a budget of Rs. 33 billion 379.7 million for the new fiscal year.



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