Landslide causes damages to micro hydel project

The powerhouse of Daramkhola Micro Hydropower Project at Lulang in Dhaulwagiri Rural Municipality-2 in Myagdi district has suffered damages after a landslide in the site.

A landslide occurred at Mareni on Thursday has damaged the powerhouse of the hydel project, disrupting power supply to 400 households in the area.

Several equipment of the powerhouse are damaged from the landslide, Chairman of Dhaulwagiri Rural Municipality-2 Ak Prasad BK said.

He said some of the equipment have reached to the bank of Daramkhola (river) and the main pipeline of the project is also damaged.

After the damage to the powerhouse, power supply is disrupted in the entire ward and the local factories have halted their operation, Bhakta Sinkija Pun said.

Around 400 households from Lulang, Lamsung and Khoriya were getting power supply from the project.

The project dam, canal and powerhouse were also affected due to flood in the river just two years ago and was brought into operation last year after shifting the powerhouse from there.

The project was developed with the investment of around Rs 17 million including Rs 8.59 million in grant from the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre five years ago.



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